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    5 ft. 9 in.
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    Few Extra Pounds
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    Some College
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I am a good kind honest man with a lot to offer. I have a good sense of humor and I respect women and I am not mean or controlling 66 years old so I am not looking for a young woman as you are so beautiful and alluring but I am an old guy and I just cant believe a 30 something beauty would be satisfied with a man of my experience. As much as I would really enjoy your company. Reality bites. I am not going to give into a scam so don't bother with it the only way I would consider giving money is if you are here in my house to get it. If you are really serious about being part of my life write to me tell me what your plan is. Tell me what you need and expect. I have tried to respond to ladies here but they just move on when I tell them some facts like I am not a rich prince charming. I am a lonely old man looking for someone to love and care for and love and care for me too. So please be sincere, as that is how I roll. I just need to love and be loved if you desire this then we can talk. I don't want your money house car or anything material. I will not suffer a liar or gamer. I want a true blue lady who is proud of me as I am of her.I am a young very active 66 year old taking care of myself for the long haul. If you are young and sincere you will need to show me your ability to commit as I would be skeptical to anything other than a personal face to face meeting or first date. I expect nothing from a first date except to learn who we are. So if you can be real honest and I can indeed be part of making your life a wonderful love filled every day blessing I am here 100% Come get me! Whant to know me just ask I am going to give you the truth. No substitutes I am not a stepping stone I am good honest caring man who needs to love and be loved. If you can find this acceptable then by all means lets try to work something out! thank you! If you have children that is wonderful I am a father and grandfather. I would be very happy having your children to help raise I love kids they are the future they deserve all the love and teaching we can give them.Video chat in length is required.

What I am looking for

A good honest woman that needs to be needed and loved as much as I need to be needed and loved.Together you and I, a team.